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Stableview is a family-owned business located Parklands, Norton.  The farm mainly deals with piggery farming and a bit cattle rearing. Stableview boasts of more than 20 pigs and cattle, with the number increasing now and then from new acquisitions and internal breeding. We have relatively small but growing Farm staff compliment taking care of our animals as well as handling the sales, marketing and delivery departments.

Stableview Incorporated  is committed to producing safe, affordable, high-quality pork and other meat products for you and your family as well as nutritious feed for our animals. Our company is continually evolving to meet the needs of the modern consumer, but our dedication to our animals, the environment, our employees, and our community never wavers. We invite you to explore our website to learn more about Stableview Farm and our products.

Our Mission

We endeavor to become a leading producer of pork and other meat products by adopting technology, equipment and programs that will place our efficiency in the top tier of the industry. Profitability, quality of our production, environmental awareness, and attention to our human resources will be the measure of our success.

Our Values


Innovation is so important at Stableview Farms. We work hard to stay abreast of the latest breakthroughs in agriculture and are continually evaluating the benefits and feasibility of implementing new technology into our system.

Some examples of new technology that we have adopted over the years and continue to use today include:

  • Pelleted feed rations for our pigs which increases their feed efficiency.
  • Installation of solar panels outside our office.
  • GPS and precision mapping of our fields to ensure that every square foot is properly utilized.
  • Variable rate planting which allows us to increase production in the most fertile areas of the acreage that we farm.
  • Grid soil sampling of our fields to give us precise information about soil composition allowing us to apply the correct amount and composition of fertilizer.
  • The incorporation of alternative ingredients into our pig feed which helps us lower feed costs.
  • Installation of electronic feeding stations in our barns to facilitate the monitoring of feed consumption of individual sows.
  • Variable spray technology to ensure precise application of herbicides for weed control which decreases our total herbicide use.
  • Construction of a state of the art research barn where we are able to test new diet formulations and new animal health technology.Stable

Our Team

Edwin Sena

CEO & Co Founder

I worked in various healthcare settings within the NHS and Private sector after completing my Bachelor of Science Degree in Mental Health Studies and a Diploma in Higher Education Adult Nursing, both from Anglia Ruskin University in 2001. I also obtained a Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector Certificate and did a few lecturing roles in Health and Social Care. In 2006, I helped found Anytime Recruitment Ltd, now Anytime Holdings Group consisting of Anytime Care 2020, Anytime Homes, Anytime Care (Supported Living), Anytime Properties.

I lead on strategic planning, strong business development, building teams of people thoroughly driven to make a real difference and outstanding Customer Service. 

Farming is in my blood as I follow my late father’s footsteps. My father was a trained Mudhumeni and had started pig farming in 1979 before his untimely sudden death. So to my father, ‘I’m taking on from where you left off dad.’

Having moved to the UK as a young teenager and become a successful entrepreneur.  My goal is to impact positively my home country with setting up sustainable farming (food is where the heart is) so we create food and work for the local community.

I’m a very proud dad of three boys.

Likes: The satisfaction that comes from making a real positive difference within immediate family and the wider community, teaching/mentoring, sport, organic sustainable food and red wine.

Interesting fact: I share the same birthday as my brother who is 3 years older than me.

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